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Jasmine and Vim, a happy pairing

I switched to Vim (well, more like ran from Eclipse as fast as I could [text editor flame wars commence!]) and since then have been tweaking the heck out of it. I've been living and breathing Jasmine for quite a while now, and while Vim has good support for JavaScript highlighting, Jasmine has some extra keyword highlighting needs above and beyond standard JavaScript. Enter Jasmine.vim, a pretty fully featured suite of tools for Jasmine and Vim. Highlighting support is good, and it also works great with the Vim CoffeeScript plugin (go me!). Haven't tried the runner yet, and I have my own snipMate snippets that I use -- I'm very DIY with those for some reason -- but the meat of it, the highlighting, is already making my work with Jasmine easier. Try it naow.

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